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   Zero Point Field Energy

There is now a much better way than you will find below. You can read about it under the Vital Life Force tab in the menu to your left.

We are at cross-road leading into a major paradigm shift that is rapidly changing the way we view our world. A part of this new paradigm involves moving away from the obviously flawed health-care system we have been living under for many years into a system of "Self-Care" in which we take care of most things ourselves, and only go to professional healers for major injuries. It was Amega Global who first made me aware of these products, and I am grateful for that, but there is a better way to get these products that through a multi-level marketing company. See below:


Howdy Folks, 

I smelled a rat with Amega, and started digging. I found a nano-wand that did not do anything from one company, another one that put out a rather erratic and toxic feeling energy, and then I hit the jackpot when I found the factory that makes Amega's wands, and they told me they had some that were much stronger and better for a whole lot less! I ordered samples and we tested them. Here are the results: 

1. We found out that the addition of more minerals, especially geranium (produces far infra-red naturally) and tourmaline (cleanses and detoxifies the body), is what makes them lighter, and is part of what makes their energy stronger. The other part of that equation is a 3,000 Gauss magnet in the head of the wand at about the point where the pocket clip is attached to the wand. Also, these wands are made of titanium, and they won't ever rust. 

2. I found the factory in China that makes both these and the Amega wands, and I can get the Nano-wands in cases of 50 each for $40 per wand including shipping! I had to get an export license from the Chinese government, but that was fairly simple to do. It only took two weeks for them after I filled out their forms for an hour. And, it takes one to two days to ship the order, and then five days for it to arrive here. Then, I got samples and tested them.

3. Using Applied Kineseology, we continuously found that the new wands and pendants are consistently stronger and better for people over the wand being sold by Amega. This testing was done by Naturopaths, tribal medicine people, massage therapists, energetic healers and medical personnel in ways in which a controlling group determined which wand the testers were handed, concealed in paper envelops so that they could not be seen, and keep track of the results. The results were consistently the same with no one preferring the Amega product.

My mother had been losing ground since we had been unable to to get another wand and pendant in from Amega (Can you say "lousy customer service"?). She has one of these nano-wands and a pendant now, and is doing great once again. And, she says that they feel stronger to her than the Amega stuff did. The pendants are not as fancy, (Actually, we can now get the Amega type pendant cover with the better and stronger ingredients for $36 wholesale in in cases of 100 now!) but are stronger than Amega's and only cost $24 including shipping. I hate MLMs, and this is just a sample of the reasons for that opinion.

Amega doesn't have a patent on their wands, not because they are trying to protect the process as claimed, but because these other folks have it instead. That was the lie that got me to start digging. I have been making some pretty good money with Amega, but that will effectively be over with this e-mail. However, I will be able to live with myself, and that's a lot more important.

I am placing some orders for my Amega down line, and then I expect to be out of the wand business pretty quickly unless they want more. I will offer them on my website for anyone who wants them at a slightly higher price than this, and will place orders for anyone who wants the wholesale price if they and their friends are willing to make purchases at the rate of one case or more per item.

I have found out the hard way that there are additional bank fees for these kinds of international transactions, and so I have lost money on this first order. The prices given above are slightly higher than in that first order for my Amega down line, but this has been done to try to cover those additional fees. However, the prices are still quite low as compared to the same wands and pendants that are offered elsewhere on the Internet as we want them to be easily affordable for people to get more into the hands of other people faster.

I am grateful to Amega for getting me the initial information, but that's about it. 

Have a fun day, and an honest, no BS life! 


Zero-Point Field Pendant with Far Infra-Red 

and Magnets included

International orders add $10 for postage and insurance.

Zero-Point Field Pendant with Far Infra-Red and Magnets included

Check the New Nano-Wands tab for information on ordering the Zero-point Field Energy Wands with Far Infra-Red and Magnets included.

Howdy folks, 

I took the Amega AM Wand with me down to Lubbock to see my mother, and used it on her for the past weekend at about 4 hours on Saturday, and 4 1/2 hours on Sunday. When I arrived, her speech was so bad that even the nurses were having to ask her to repeat what she said, and by the time we were finished that evening then no one had to ask her to repeat herself again while I was there through Sunday evening. History-wise, my mother has had five strokes and been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. The strokes have crippled her right arm and hand, paralyzed her tongue and esophagus, and caused her great difficulty speaking as well as swallowing so that she is fed through a feeding tube directly into her stomach.

When I arrived last Saturday, she could barely take two sips of water, and had to work hard just to swallow that. By the time I left on Sunday, she was taking seven to eight large gulping swallows at a time, and drinking fruit juice, and some of a chocolate protein shake. She has nothing but sips of water for several months now, and was so happy she was almost beside herself. 

Mother's voice isn't totally perfect yet, but it will be, and her hand and arm still have some problems, but will improve. And, she will be able to eat, gain strength and take care of herself. There are two reasons for this: 1. She desires to get well and regain her independence, and 2. The Amega wand has giving her body a massive dose of Zero Point Field Energy that her body is using to bring her back to a condition of homeostasis. When your body is in balance then there is no support for disease. For some people, this movement into balance happens all at once, and for others like my mother it takes awhile. But, it's happening. I will be getting her an Amega AM Wand and AM Pendant just as soon as possible.  

On the way home, I went to see some friends in Ft. Worth, TX, and Debra used the wand on her husband. Mike had an injury a while back that resulted in his right ulnar nerve shutting down. After several minutes had gone by, and Mike continuing to work on it a bit on his own, he put the wand down, and said he didn't want to do it anymore right then because it hurt! He had regained feeling in that part of his body. Again, this happened because the wand put the energy into his body, and his body chose to use it in this way.  

Debra normally uses a lot of cream and sugar in her coffee, but after using the wand on it for a minute, she added nothing, and sat there drinking her coffee and talking. The energy from the wand had changed the way it tastes, and had made it no longer bitter. These experiences are just a couple of the kinds of things we experience everyday with these tools.

For many of you, this will be last time I tell you about them unless you ask so let me encourage you one last time to get them for yourself. With a 100% money back guarantee, and no other true source for these tools, it's hard to go wrong on products that are reasonably priced considering what they do, and which are rated to literally do what they are intended to do for the next 10,000 years. You can get your's at If you have either questions or concerns then feel free to call me at 918-706-8171.  

Have a fun week! 

Dr. Sir Clifford Alford 

PS: I tried out one of the knock-offs for sale on E Bay, and received it yesterday. It didn't work. I would have been happy to get it for less for the folks who either can't afford it from Amega, or who don't like MLMs, but that's the way it is. So, I encourage you to enroll in the business so that you can get them at the wholesale price, and so that you can benefit from it when your friends and family experience your's and want to get one for themselves.   

PPS: My mother called me on Wednesday following this trip. Her voice is much clearer, and she has been eating soft but solid foods for the past two days!

There comes a time when the scientific world has breakthroughs and/or realizations that change the way we see the world and each other. My personal experience with this technology, and especially from using it on my mother, has guaranteed that life will never be the same for me again, and what a wonderful life it promises to be! It can me the same for you.

Here is the website that allows you to obtain this amazing technology that never has to be replaced for yourself: